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There is no charge to have us look at your estate!

Why pay to have your home emptied when you can make money and we leave you with a cleaned home ready for the market?


Storage unit contents, gold, silver, fine jewelry, costume jewelry, whole estate buyouts, partial estate buyouts and more!

Processes and Services


Estate Freedom has the ability to get your home ready for the market, even beyond just emptying the contents. Here are a few tips that will help out when considering contracting with us.

  • Don’t throw anything away. Even the small, insignificant items can be sold. What appears to be trash to one, could be a treasure to another.
  • Pre-cleaning is not necessary. We are very thorough and any personal items, including, photos, medicines and other private items will be removed. We actually clean the property twice. Once, before the sale, and then we do an end cleaning so the home is empty and ready to sell, or ready to be repaired/remodeled.
  • If at all possible, don’t turn off heat/air because it causes damage to goods and it makes it difficult to work and conduct a sale. However, if the power has already been turned off, don’t let that prevent you from hiring us. We have worked an estate before with no power or water.
  • Remove or tag wanted items. We can set them aside if you are unable to remove them before we arrive, but it is helpful if you have already identified the items you’re keeping.
  • Remember, we work for you! Each client has different needs, and if our processes need tweaking for your needs, we can work those issues out when we do our walk-through of your property. No two estates are alike and we are willing to work around your needs.


One of our services we provide is a start up inventory. This is a valuable tool if your property is going through court and you are required to have an appraisal. A typical estate sale, through Estate Freedom, involves the following:

  • Initial consultation – We will walk through the property with you and assess the work to be done, the time frame needed, and go over details with you.
  • Contract negotiation.
  • Initial cleaning – home, attic, crawl spaces, storage unit, vehicles, garage, out buildings, content and we even clean the appliances that stay with the home! We also provide document shredding, if client does not want to keep all the documents, such as bills, mail, bank statements, etc.
  • Research, pricing, showcase, staging content for sale.
  • Inventory: Once everything is cleaned, staged and priced, we go back through, room by room, and document your contents. This way, we are able to provide you with a starting inventory and appraisal of your contents.
  • Advertising – Print media, online, mailing lists, etc.
  • Conducting the sale – Typically two days. We hold our sales on Thursdays and Fridays. We use a cash register point of sale that gives a tally of sales and categories.
  • Ending inventory: We go through the estate and document the content that did not sell. If you request the remaining contents to be donated, you will have a value available for your donation records and tax write-off.
  • Removal of unsold items.
  • End cleaning – We leave the home and out buildings empty and cleaned.
  • Payment to you and contract closing. We issue you a bank certified check, along with your estate sale details, including start up inventory, sales, unsold items and ending appraisal of unsold items.